[eDebate] Waitlisted Teams for CEDA Nationals-Everybody's In!

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Wed Mar 8 14:55:46 CST 2006


We have received clearance that there will be enough rooms available at the 
hotel to accommodate all current waitlisted teams at CEDA Nationals.  If you 
have a waitlisted team, please take the following steps:

a) make sure that your judging commitments align with your new team total;
b) make sure that your judges' have submitted judging philosophies.  Judges 
that you hire will not have your debateresults password so you will need to 
upload their philosophy yourself.   We beleive that the tournament is improved, 
the longer people have to study judging philosophies;
c) make sure to adjust your food preferences to reflect their presence. 
d) make sure your team and judge entry are finalized and reflect the rules of 
the tournament outlined in the invitation (available at debateresults or on 
the CEDA website, www.cedadebate.org). 

Our office has begun the process of finalizing payment information, reviewing 
enrollment forms and cross-checking all entries through debateresults.com.  
The person who pays by credit card receives an e-mail confirming payment from 
Liz as soon as we receive a processing note from PayPal.  If someone besides 
the director made the payment (e.g. your finance department or an assistant 
coach), please check with that person first to see if they received confirmation.  

Questions on housing or local logistics, please check in with Tim.  He rocks 
and we both want you to have a great tournament experience.  See you in 

Peace & Justice,

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