[eDebate] CEDA Leadership & JV/Nov Nats

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Mar 9 01:40:28 CST 2006

I think this dialogue is healthy.  I am confused by Beth's post a bit.  She states that a lack of CEDA leadership has put us where we are now.  I disagree.  I am not sure what Will Baker, Kristina Whalen, Shawn Whalen, ML Sandoz, etc. etc. should have done to head off this problem.  In fact I think they had the vision to know that healthy Novice and JV debate often occurs in programs that have limited budgets.  Meaning traveling across the country could be prohibitive for many.  And they heard the arguments for having 2 (at the time) JV/Nov Nats based on history and tradition.  

The decision for the CEDA leadership to not intervene and sanction one tournament was based in large part on the fact that it meant creating unnecessary problems.  History puts us where we are at, the merger puts us where we are at, CEDA leadership did not.

Before the merger JCCC always hosted a JV/Nov Nationals and JCCC was an NDT school.  At one point in time Towson began hosting a similar tournament after the merger when JCCC added a CEDA division.  So we had two.  Northwesterns Novice Nationals served a different definition for Novice.  So thats how we got here.  The question is does the community want us to move from here to somewhere else.

Last summer two ideas were put forward at the CEDA summer meeting.  
1.  Add a JV and Novice division to CEDA and no longer sanction the others as JV/Nov Nats
2.  Dont add the divisions at CEDA Nats but sanction 1 tournament as THE JV/Nov Nats.

I listened to the arguments for both and offered my own opinions.  
Adding the divisions at CEDA Nats could make it so large we could never find a suitable host.  That concerns me.
Sanctioning ONE tournament will probably create hostilities and mean the history of those tournaments get lost.  It also may make it impossible for people to travel to them except maybe once every 3 years because they would need to move from Region to Region.  

Finally I will say if the CEDA leadership is asked to move on this issue and sanction 1 tournament then I hope folks know what they are asking for.  It would be irresponsible to do that without requiring a bid process and moving the tournament around the country.

I want to hear what the community has to say.  


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
CEDA 2nd VP Elect

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