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O'Donnell, Brett M. bodonnel
Thu Mar 9 02:49:00 CST 2006

Avoid the lines to pay at NDT registration by pre-registering (you will
still have to come to registration for pictures and to take care of
judge preferences and other host items).  Pre-registering will make the
process go much faster.  Send me the information requested below with
your credit card information.  I will authorize your credit card in
advance of registration.  The only thing you will need to do at the
payment table is allow us to take an imprint of the card and you will be
on your way through the rest of registration.  There will be an express
line for those who pre-register so we can quickly make the credit card
imprint.  If you wish to take advantage of pre-registration, YOU MUST
MARCH 20!!!  The information must be accurate by that time as well.  I
have included the information on how fees are calculated below.  Please
make sure you accurately report the number of participants and observers
(helpers or judges beyond your required commitment per team-they must
also match Scott Deatherage's numbers).  I will send you e-mail
confirmation of your registration.


NDT Pre-registration


School __________________________________


Number of Teams ___________@ 100.00 each


Number of Participants _____________@ 90.00 each


Number of Observers ______________@ 200.00 each


Total Amount of Fees _______________


Credit Card Information


Name on Card _____________________________

Card Type _____________


Card Number ___________________________


Expiration Date ____________



Below are the fees for the NDT.  Note that participant and observer fees
are higher this year.  This is because catering costs in Evanston are
significantly higher than other cities.  Note the for participants, the
cost is 110.00 less than observers as Northwestern and our host, Scott
Deatherage are graciously providing much hospitality throughout the
tournament, including all lunches, breakfasts and two banquets.

Also, please be aware that per NDT rules, All fees and payments at the
tournament must be in cash, travelers checks, cashiers checks, certified
checks, or approved credit cards (Mastercard or Visa--no debit cards).
The NDT will not accept personal checks or institutional checks (from
your school).

Fees for the NDT will be structured into three tiers.  First, each

team qualifying for the NDT will be charged a per team fee to cover

administrative and non-food operational costs of the tournament.

Second, each debater and judge (up to 1.5 judges per team from each

will pay a participant fee to cover food costs not covered by the host.

Third, all other individuals wishing to attend the NDT and eat meals
on-site must

pay an observer fee to cover all meals at the tournament (this would

include extra judges beyond the 1.5 per team and team "workers").   Each

person attending the NDT as either a participant or observer will be
required to have a ticket for each meal

(to be distributed by the host).  


> Fees for this year:


> Team fee: $100.00

> Participant fee: $90.00

> Observer Fee: $200.00

> Guest Registration: free


> So, if you qualify one team, your fees will be:

> Team fee: $100.00

> Participant Fee: $360.00 (2 debaters and 2 judges=4x$90.00)

> Total= $460.00


> Two Teams

> Team Fee: $200.00

> Participant Fee: $630.00 (4 debaters and 3 judges)

> Total= $830.00


> Three Teams

> Team Fee= $300.00

> Participant Fee: $990.00 (6 debaters and 5 judges)

> Total=$1290.00


No separate banquet, lunch or meal tickets will be sold apart from the

observer ticket that covers all meals, except in the case of special

guests that are attending the tournament only during the banquets.

caught eating a meal without a photo badge will immediately be assessed

cost of an observer badge ($200.00) collectable through their


Remember fees are only payable in "cash, travelers checks, cashiers

checks, certified checks, or approved credit cards" according to the NDT

Standing Rules and you must be a subscribing member of the NDT to

participate in the tournament.



Brett M. O'Donnell

Director of Debate

Liberty University

1971 University Blvd.

Lynchburg, VA 24502



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