[eDebate] Offset counterplans

Martin Harris mharris02
Thu Mar 9 08:39:50 CST 2006

   Can anyone help direct me to some articles/postings/websites that
might have been written legitimating/discussing the theory behind offset
counterplans?   I tried googling for some works, but the best I found
were some Solt references in DRG linking it to "whole rez" theory, and
some guy that talked a lot about the perm being non-topical so it
competes, which made not much of any sense to me.  I understand the
argument about the perm being on balance anti-topical, and I can make up
my own theory, but I was hoping some others that had run/experienced an
offsets counterplan before might help add to my understanding.

Thanks in advance,
Martin Harris
Computer and Graphics Support Specialist
Hammons School of Architecture, Drury University
Office Phone: (417) 873-7497

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