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Thu Mar 9 11:05:55 CST 2006


My name is Gordie Miller. For those of you who don't know me, I am one of the
assistant coaches at the University of Rochester. We were fortunate enough to
finish 1st in JV and tied for 3rd in novice this year. While I was at Vermont we
managed to win both (i was not part of the novice closeout/jv title last year-a
feat i still think ranks up there with the great debate accomplishments of all
time! LDU!)

I first started attending the tournmament in 1990 and have been there each year
since (except the 2 years i was at Arkansas State). I have always considered it
one of my two favorites of the years (CEDA Nats.) Basically "i dig it the most!"

Here are some of my thoughts.
1. We are having a team meeting tonight at the URDU. We will discuss these
issues among our squad and will post the highights later tonight. We have
debaters who have been to all three recent locations (Towson, G'Town, WVU) i
look forward to listening to them and sharing their thoughts with you.

2. Keep CEDA out of this. Jackie is right, look at the numbers, the VAST
majority of novice debate is in CEDA EAST and ADA (though the ADA numbers are
way down this semester). A national solution to a regional phenomanon? Not sure
it is justified. Look i know it is tough to start AND manintain novice debate,
but at least a third if not more of those who attend NOV/JV nats WILL NOT attend
a tournament in the midwest or west. No cash. Trying to help novice debate by
decreasing novice debate doesn't make a lot of sense.

3. WVU ran a FREE tournament. FREE! FREE!. Do y'all understand it was FREE? We
will be able to take more teams to CEDA in Dallas because Neil hosted us for
FREE! I will attend ANY tournmant WVU hosts and you should too! I know it wont
be free in the future, but it will be cheaper than most tourneys

4. As for rotation- I like the idea of rotating between towson, wvu and some
other east coast school. Even just the 2 of them if no-one comes forward. Towson
is a good location. The campus has the rooms. The hill is an easier grade with
buildings a little closer than WVU (though the stairs are good for our sedentary
lifestyle.) WVU is closer to the Roch but Towson did it right for many years. I
do not wish to minimize the pain and confusion from the last towson nationals,
but we have all grown and Beth has indicated a willingness to move on
eligibility and tabroom issues. (thanks Beth)

5. Did I mention that it was FREE this year. How many dierctors out there have
hosted a free 3 day tournament? .... Exactly

6. The pottery trophies are some of the best ever, regardless of where it is
hosted, I make this demand on the state-CEDA should mandate pottery trophies :) 

7. The saturday- monday, or friday-sunday decision. I'm concerned about cost
with hotel monday. Fees will have to be higher to pay for the 16 rooms on monday
at the hotel. This may mean the block rate at the hotel goes up or maybe the
tournmant fees. Either way we will have to pay more. And for those who plan on
winning the thing, it pretty much mandates you keep at least one room for monday
night (prep for the day, to sleep if you are there late). This is a new expense
for most East Teams. we dont fly, we drive when eliminated, doesn't a monday
ourround day make it harder? Not sure if i am totally right on this aspect. i
would like to hear opinions. 

8. I am not persuaded that a monday hotel outround day is essential for the
tournmant to FEEL like a national tournment, it sounds a lot like keeping up
with the Jones'. I don't want Nov/JV nats to feel like the NDT or CEDA Nats. I
want it to remain unique. I'm not convinced i am right here either, it just
smells of elitism to say it's not a national tournament if we aren't in a hotel.

All this being said, i will defer to my students. I will let you know what they
think later.

Thanks for reading
Gordie Miller
University of Rochester Debate Union

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