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Justin Green kstatedebate
Thu Mar 9 11:21:12 CST 2006

As a former host, I wanted to say a belated thanks to Neil and the WVU
crew.  I know the hard work this tournament requires - you all did it well.

Food - Free food...no complaints.  Our two vegans had problems eating at one
of the meals, but it gave us an excuse to make an excursion to the Mountain
People's Market - all veggie co-op with a phenomenal cafe.

Location - We drove close to 17 hours each way and would gladly do it
again.  I echo Jackie's sentiment that until the numbers for novice warrant
someone in the D3 hosting - it should stay out east.  K-State would enjoy
hosting at some point, but I don't see that happening until the Mid-America
actually fields novices to the same extent that Liberty, Rochester, Vermont,
Bard, USMA, and the host of others who brought more than 2 novice teams -
DIII let's get it in gear.

CEDA Sanctioning - I cannot for the life of me understand arguments
regarding the value CEDA sanctioning has.  If we have multiple
championships, I doubt that very many of the programs administrative
overseers will know the difference between an ADA national championships in
novice and a WVU national championship in novice.  If more than one school
can plug for it and get greater support, I see little harm.  I don't know
many directors who base their decisions to travel on it being the official
CEDA tournament.  They go because of the competition, the amenities, the
schedule, and their own finances among other reasons.  The alternative
causalities are just too big.

Creating a Novice/JV division at CEDA - This destroys the big tent of CEDA.
The beauty is that in the prelims our novices might debate one of the top
teams in the country and experience what that's like.  The beauty is that we
have a weekend that JUST CELEBRATES less experienced debaters.  The beauty
is that our varsity debaters can put on the hat of COACH.  The beauty is
that for one weekend the judging pool for novice is not diluted by varsity.
The beauty is that our coaching staff says to our least experienced debaters
who need the most attention - this weekend is for you.

Neil PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE host this tournament again.  There are few
schools with the great location.  It was 60 miles from an airport.  We would
pay more for the pottery trophies that Towson displayed and happy to pay an
entry fee to offset costs

Justin Green
K-State Debate
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