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Thu Mar 9 11:59:04 CST 2006

I do not believe that there is a problem regarding JV/Novice Nats.  


Except perhaps that Neil Berch is just too nice, accommodating, open and
(perhaps) too sensitive.  "We" didn't host a tournament: Neil and WVU
did.  I hope that WVU will continue to host (although I certainly could
not blame Neil for choosing not to).  Our program loved the WVU
experience.  It is a terrific location, a beautiful campus, and easy to
travel to.  WVU, if you hold it, WE will come.  Probably, Marist will
not.  That is their choice.  Choice is good.


There are lots of great tournament options for folks.  That is a good
thing!  What is the disadvantage to having multiple options for regional
and national travel with a title of National Champion?  More people


As for CEDA Leadership, it comes from everyone.  If Joe or Beth or
anyone else wishes to propose changes in CEDA Constitution or Bylaws,
they should.  Then we can debate the merits of their specific proposals.
That is how change occurs, not because one of the elected officers makes
it so. 


I would strongly oppose CEDA adding another national tournament to
administer (at least before my term ends...)


I think I would also be opposed to identifying ONE tournament as the
"ONE TRUE  Novice or JV or Honorary or Other Nationals" (although having
seen Zompetti's latest post, I would keep an open mind to this.)
However, I do not think we should be in the business of telling people
what they can call their tournaments, and this tournament became Novice
Nationals at Towson because Brenda Logue called it that.  Then Towson
elected not to hold it, and Georgetown held a tournament and called it
Novice/JV Nationals.  Then they elected not to hold it and WVU decided
to host a tournament called Novice/JV Nationals.  Now Sacramento State
is holding a tournament they call the Western Nationals, or something
like that.  Lets see how that succeeds and grows.  And of course, the
NJDDT has been a great event for years.  Maybe it is time for Tuna to
host the World Debate Championships!


I DO support anything which would promote the growth of novice debate.
I am just not convinced that one big tournament at the end of the year
can really have a significant positive impact on this.   In fact, I
think it is regional support and commitment that is more likely to grow
the division than the national tournament.


Now, some of the objections I read to Neil's tournament were to me,
quite frankly, Outrageous!  Round 3 was 45 minutes behind?  It would be
better to be on time, but that's not that bad!   It is hard to travel
to?  For us, it is easier than most of the places we go to, and we have
to fly almost everywhere we go.  Hard to get around campus?  Ever been
to the Church School Building or the dorm rooms at Emory or the basement
of the Gym at Wake Forest, or Rochester in the snow?  That building at
Pepperdine where they shuttle you up the hill?  Great locations often
have their costs.


I reject the notion that a tournament director has a responsibility to
meet the needs of all participants (beyond some things like physical
accessibility as per the ADA) or to provide food at all, much less a
certain style of food.  If as a courtesy they can, that is great, but it
is a luxury, not a necessity.  And I certainly do not think the director
is responsible for food options on the highway between your campus and
mine, or in my community.  Of course we should embrace diversity, but we
should also be adaptable.  


Rick Nelson said "you can't please everyone, so you better please
yourself.   And Mick said "you can't always get what you want, but if
you try sometimes, you get what you need...."  Or something like that...


Neil, I echo Justin's plea: bring us back to Morgantown.  Thanks!


Also, I do not mean this as a knock on Towson in any way: they ran a
great tournament and are an excellent location.  I wish we could travel
to both WVU AND Towson during the year.




David L. Steinberg

Director of Debate, University of Miami

P.O. Box 248127

Coral Gables, Florida   33124


305-284-5553 (office)

dave at miami.edu


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