[eDebate] Need CEDA Nats Judging

Roy Eno Roy.Eno
Thu Mar 9 12:56:55 CST 2006

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Subject: Judging Request

I have 8 rounds of judging, plus required out rounds that need covering
at CEDA Nats. I cannot hire anyone outside the university for whom I
need to cover transportation, housing and food--the consultant
qualification process is prohibitive. So, I need to find someone who
will be at CEDA Nats in Dallas, has a place to stay and food to eat and
is willing to judge for the "uncovered team(s) fee, payable through the
tournament. My apologies for all the restrictions--this is what I have. 

If this overly generous proposition draws you, please e-mail me at
reno at utsa.edu . Hopefully, this will work for someone, and, perhaps too
much to hope, actually be helpful.

Skip Eno

UT-San Antonio
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