[eDebate] ndt fees?

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Mar 9 16:54:47 CST 2006

Boy this sucks.

I'm bring a bunch of young studnets and some of the coordinators from our
league and they have to pay roughly 200 dollars if they want to eat some
cheese and crackers and hear the goddamn pairiings be read? I mean im pretty
sure we can avoid eating your cheese and crackers and sitting through the
tedious pairing reading, but come on wasnt our corporate benafactor supposed
to make the ndt better? if these things are good parts about the ndt wouldnt
it be better if we let all the people who are attending to have this
priviledge? We wont eat at your banquet, and i will bring some folks who
learn the main lesson which is if you dont got super big bucks then you dont
get to go in the door. Good thing the valuble part is what happens in debate
rounds... No really we will have a good time and learn alot, no thanks to
the attempt to prevent that....
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