[eDebate] Vermont Coaching Job

Nicolas Tyler Landsman-Roos nlandsma
Fri Mar 10 11:43:39 CST 2006

I wanted to encourage people to apply for the previously posted job at 
the University of Vermont.  Everyone should apply for this job because 
it is awesome.  We have a good team who has qualified a team to the NDT 
for the past two years, won Novice Nationals last year and won JV 
nations three years in a row.  We work hard and are generally friendly. 
  I also wanted to mention that for those of you who are afraid of the 
Vermont cold we have recently been hit by global warming (if it is in 
fact real) and have had very little snow and a relatively warm winter.

Thank you and please talk to us about the position at the NDT or apply 
(see the other post)

-Nick Landsman-Roos
Vermont Debate

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