[eDebate] Thank you Japanese Debate Team!

Omar G Guevara oguevara
Fri Mar 10 13:39:17 CST 2006


We at Weber State would like to extend our most heart-felt Wildcat thanks to Kaori Yamada (Graduating Senior at Dokkyo University) and Noriaki Tajima (Instructor of Communication at the Kanda University of International Studies) for providing us with a number of wonderful public debates this week.  We are very grateful to both of you for giving us this opportunity to share our activity with the broader Weber State and Ogden Community.

If you have never had a chance to interact with the Japanese debate community you're missing out on good times and good people who have a genuine love for our activity.

Plus, they do this "plan thing" which is very interesting as well :).

Again thank you to Kaori, Noriaki, and all the CIDD and NCA colleagues who make this tour possible each and every year.


Omar & all the Wildcats

Omar G Guevara
Director of Forensics and Instructor of Communication
Department of Communication
Weber State University
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