[eDebate] Rochester Students JV/NOV Nats Thoughts

jmill12 jmill12
Fri Mar 10 14:06:32 CST 2006

Hello All,

As promised, here is the feedback we recieved from our debaters about Novice and
JV nationals, it's past present and future.

1. People liked it and would gladly return to WVU. They liked the Food, they
liked the competition, they loved the Euro Suites. Thumbs up from the URDU.

There suggestions for change/improvement

1. Get rid of the Friday death march! SOLVED

2. Outrounds at the Hotel. SOLVED

3. Pottery Trophies. SOLVED

4. Instead of as many snacks, my debaters suggest a bigger broader breakfast
spread. They say even though there is some food at the hotel, we get to the
tournment at the same time each morning whether there is breakfast there or not
so eating at the hotel requires them to get up earlier.But as a coach if
pairings come out I don't want to be in some hotel lobby talkin about prepping
but in the room prepping.

4. not sure this is a suggestion or straight complaint. It really felt like 2
different tournaments. One on the Hill ( i called this the "Ivory Tower" over
the weekend :) )and one down the hill. We felt like 2 teams, a JV team and a
Novice team. I know the judging on friday was planned that way and that you cant
raise up Hodges and Armstrong a couple hundred feet. But it is what it is.
As a solution, since sat and sun wont require a late start, Please give longer
time between  the rounds. This will enable the JV debaters to come down the hill
or novice debaters to go up the hill. Coaches could have time to visit Both
divisions. Since we can't change the hill let's change the schedule.

5. Gordie's proposed Schedule. URDU debaters not responsible

Pairings for rounds 1-2 released friday night

7:30 Breakfast at Woodburn/Amrstrong
9:00-11:15 Round 1
11:45-2:00 Round 2
1:45-3:00 Lunch
3:00 Parings for round 3
3:30 R

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