[eDebate] Madison Cup Announcements: Participants Please Read ASAP

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Fri Mar 10 14:25:59 CST 2006

Madison Cup Announcements 3/10/06: Please Read ASAP

I think this set of announcements should answer most of your questions
about logistics and such.  If not, please let me know.

Also posted at: http://www.jmu.edu/orgs/debate/mcup.html


1.  MORE PRIZE MONEY!:  We are pleased to announce that our donor has added
another $5000.00 to the pool of scholarship prize money.  This is how we
will distribute these awards.

1st place: $5000.00 donation to your debate program
2nd place: $3000.00 donation to your debate program
3rd place: $2000.00 donation to your debate program
4th-6th place: $1000.00 donation to your debate program
7th-10th place: $500.00 donation to your debate program

2.  Below is a list of the teams entered in the 2006 ?Madison Cup.?  Please
let me know ASAP if this list is incorrect.  We?ll confirm individual
participant names at registration.

1. Richmond
2. Maryland
3. Cornell
4. Yale 
5. George Mason 
6. Liberty 
7. Pittsburgh
8.  Wake Forest 
9. Mary Washington
10. Towson (Defending Champs?2 years running)
11. Virginia
12. South Florida
13. Claremont
14. James Madison (the host)
15. Pepperdine
16. Notre Dame 
17. William and Mary
18. Brown 
19. West Virginia 
20.  Baptist Bible College
21. Richmond #2
22. Yale #2
23. Liberty #2
24. Mary Washington #2
*second teams were accepted on a first request, first serve basis.

3.  Schedule:  Same as the invitation.

8:00 AM: Registration, Continental Breakfast, Pairings Released 
8:30 AM: Preliminary debate round 1
10:00 AM Snack
11:00 AM Preliminary debate round 2
1:30 PM Lunch
2:30 PM: Madison Day Address (participants recognized and finalists announced)
5:00 PM: Final round 
7:00 PM Presentation of the Madison Cup

4. Parking and Shuttle:  Please, if at all possible, avoid parking on
campus.  This should be easy.  The JMU ROTC will run shuttles from the Best
Western (tourney motel) at 7:30 AM.  They will make as many trips as are
needed.  They will also shuttle you back to the motel after the awards
ceremony (if you want to hit the road after prelims) and after the final round.

5.  Parking for those not staying at the best Western:  Ideally you could
arrive and park at the Best Western in time for a shuttle ride.  If you
have a problem (i.e. running late that morning) call my cell and I?ll help
you figure out an alternative 540-421-4105.  The Best Western is located
only one freeway exit from JMU. 

6.  Directions to the Best Western:  The Best Western is at the
intersection of I-81 and State Route 33 (market St.).  From I-81 take exit
247 east (go east on market St.).  As you exit the freeway you will see the
Best Western behind the Shoney?s Restaurant on the right hand side of the road.

7.  Directions from the Best Western to the Town Hall Meeting: Evolution,
Intelligent Design and Public Education featuring Dr. John Angus
Campbell?Tuesday 7PM Memorial Hall (formerly Harrisonburg High).  Turn left
out of the best Western Lot.  Turn left at the first light on to Market St.
 Go over the Freeway (I-81).  Turn left at the first light (Cantrell Ave.).
 Stay on Cantrell.  At the 4th light (also the end of the bridge over the
railroad tracks), you will see Memorial Hall parking lot right in front of
you.  Park there.  The Auditorium entrance is on the far left had side of
the front of the building.

8.  Registration: 8AM Taylor Hall 4th floor.  The ROTC shuttle vans and
university ambassadors will direct you to the right spot.  No fees.  We?ll
have Continental breakfast at registration.  

9.  Meals:  Tuesday evening on your own.  There are lots of places to eat
around the Motel.  We can make recommendations after the Town Hall Meeting,
if you want to wait until then.  Wednesday breakfast, snack and lunch will
all be served as part of the tournament in Taylor Hall.  Wed. dinner, we
have a reservation at a local place immediately following the final
round?you are welcome to join us, or do your own thing. 

10.  Pairing the prelims: With 24 teams there will be 4 debates (6 teams
per debate) in each of the two preliminary rounds.  We have devised a
random pairing formula that will ensure that every team gets at least one
opening position, or one closing position (a chance to speak first OR
last).  We cannot guarantee that every team will get to speak last.  Our
pairing formula also attempts to increase diversity of competition as much
as possible.  In other words, except in rare cases you should not end up
debating on the same side of the question with the same team.  There will
be some overlap with regard to the facing the same teams on the opposite
side of the question?this has been kept to a minimum as much as possible.

11.  A list of jury members and jury instructions can be found on our
webpage: http://www.jmu.edu/orgs/debate/mcup.html 

12.  Big apologies:  We have not been able to post archives of previous
final rounds on the webpage.  We will definitely have them up for next year. 

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Co-Director Center for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue
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