[eDebate] NDT judge philosophies

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Mon Mar 13 13:45:12 CST 2006

Having conferred with Mike Berry and John Fritch, it seems like posting
all the philosophies on debateresults.com is the best course.  If you've
already sent Mike a philosophy, we'll have it posted on
debateresults.com by tomorrow.


I will add a link on the debateresults page that allows the downloading
of all the philosophies in one file.  So long as you are connected to
the internet, of course, you can view all philosophies from the "view
entries" page.  If you download the file you can access the philosophies
any time you are not connected as well.  At present there are no plans
to produce hard copies of the philosophies.


I think we all owe Mike a debt of gratitude for posting all those
philosophies over the years.  It's a lot of work, and he's been very
dedicated and very accurate.





Dr. Jon Bruschke, CSU Fullerton

jbruschke at fullerton.edu



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