[eDebate] The New Director of Debate at MSU is...

William J Repko repkowil
Mon Mar 13 19:11:58 CST 2006

...Greta Stahl. 

who knew ?... 

Then again, it's not terribly surprising -- we did all suspect Strauss would 
be employed by Greta before too long. 

Greta's responsibilities officially begin in August -- until then she will 
be completing her studies @ Oxford. 

All of the things that are always mentioned in posts of this sort hold true. 
MSU Debate is ecstatic to have her on-board, The Honors College (our 
administrative home) is excited to see one of its finest students return to 
the campus, The Detroit Lions are relieved to know that at least one person 
will show up to their home games. 

I'd now like to mention a few things that are not often mentioned in posts 
of this sort. In some circles this will be viewed as a victory for gender 
(which it is), or as an improvement in MSU's contribution to the judge pool 
(which it may well be). 

To me, this is victory for retaining our best and brightest. 

Sometimes I sense students opt against staying in our activity because they 
are "supposed" to follow a more professional path. If you are a junior or 
senior, and you (understandably) have no idea what to do with your life, 
consider debate as an option. It's not insane -- accomplished people have 
made that decision. It *is* a profession, you would be happy, and you can 
make a difference. We'd love to have you. 

I'd like to close by publicly thanking Mike Eber. He is patient and 
talented. He took our program to new heights. He is a wonderful judge, 
mediocre driver, and extraordinary coach. 

While it is an exciting day in EL, I think I speak for many in this 
community when I say that we will certainly miss the Butter as he heads to 
law school. 

Take it easy, 



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