[eDebate] CSTV at the 2006 NDT

Leeper, Karla Karla_Leeper
Tue Mar 14 19:13:53 CST 2006


From:  Karla Leeper, NDT Committee Chair

          Scott Deatherage, Chair of the CSTV subcommittee of the NDT Committee

          Carol Winkler, acting Chair of the NDT Board of Trustees

The governing documents of the National Debate Tournament charge the NDT Committee and the Board of Trustees of the NDT with promoting debate and argumentation as an area of academic study, as a method of problem solving and as a means of empowerment. In that spirit, in 2004 and 2005 the NDT Committee and the Board of Trustees of the National Debate Tournament entered into an agreement with College Sports Television (CSTV) to attend the NDT and to create  programs about the tournaments.

 Both sides believed that the experiences were generally positive, but that continued refinement of the original agreement would be beneficial.  An agreement for 2006 has been reached.  This agreement continues to refine our relationship with CSTV and commits CSTV to a revenue sharing arrangement with the NDT.

Under the terms of the 2006 agreement, CSTV has the right to videotape debates at the 2006 NDT. This is consistent with Standing Rule IV(F)1) which states that "Electronic recording of debates is allowed by official participants and observers affiliated with a school attending the NDT and by other individuals authorized by the NDT Committee or the tournament host". 

For purposes of our agreement with CSTV a debate is defined as the time period beginning with "the introduction of the debaters (if applicable) or the First Affirmative Constructive (if no introductions are made), through the decision of the judging panel and the exit of the debaters involved in that debate from the debate room." CSTV may also videotape during any general assemblies of the tournament.Videotaping of individuals at any time outside of the parameters of the debate as defined by our contract or during general assemblies of the NDT is at the discretion of the individual being videotaped. CSTV must ask your permission to videotape and you may agree or refuse at your discretion.

Should conflicts arise between any tournament participant and CSTV personnel, our agreement has created a dispute resolution mechanism consisting of the CSTV subcommittee of the NDT Committee and representatives of CSTV. The Chair of the NDT Committee has also been empowered to appoint a liaison for the CSTV crew to facilitate the resolution of any difficulties that may arise.

Participants will be asked to sign general release forms provided by CSTV at the beginning of the tournament. These releases give CSTV the right to use your image in the final product. Should any individual believe that the broadcast of their image could result in a danger to their personal safety, their program director should contact the NDT Committee Chair as soon as possible. 

If you have questions about the terms of our agreement, please do not hesitate to contact Karla Leeper..


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