[eDebate] April Tournament in Korea

Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Tue Mar 14 20:19:19 CST 2006

Greetings everyone:

I am pleased to announce a debate tournament in Northeast Asia.

The Paju English Village in Paju, Korea (just north of Seoul) is sponsoring 
a competition from April 27-30 (arrive on the 27).  The tournament is OPEN 
to ALL countries and students in university or graduate school.

The competition will have the following features:

-$60 dollar registration fee (by April 7) or $80 dollar registration fee 
(after april 7) that includes ALL MEALS and ACCOMODATION. (Entry deadline is 
April 19)

-5 rounds of preliminary debate and appropriate elims in the All Asian 

-60 team cap on entries.  School cap is yet to be determined (most likely 5 
teams, though a wait list will be kept!)

-Prize money with a total purse of $6000 US dollars (you can, in fact, MAKE 
MONEY by winning the tournament or getting speaker awards!)

-A large break night party featuring lots of soju (Korean rice wine) and 
musical performances by K wave/K Pop sensations: Fly to the Sky, as well as 

-World renowned guest speakers such as artist Allison Lapper, whose work was 
recently enshrined in Trafalgar Square in England.

****WE are negotiating with the organizers to WAIVE registration fees for 
ALL judges.  They were receptive to this and a final confirmation should 
come shortly.  Regardless the fee is very low for the amount service you 
will receive.

What is the Paju English Village?

The sponsors of the competition are trying to raise awareness of a cutting 
edge project called an English Village, designed to raise the standard of 
English speaking among Korean citizens.  This is a created city that 
literally mirrors a typical village in England and is a functional, self 
contained residential city, complete with dormitories, a museum, city hall, 
an ENGLISH PUB, and classrooms. They even had the red English phone booths! 
We did a site visit yesterday, and the facilities rival those of the most 
elite universities anywhere in the world.  Final construction will be 
finished in the next two weeks, and our event will be among the first to 
utilize this amazing place.  Dr. Howe and myself were blown away!

The website is currently being finished and an additional announcement will 
be made soon with specific registration instructions and details.

We hope many of you will take the opportunity to join us here to enjoy the 
breathtaking scenery of the Korean mountains in the spring, and to engage in 
some excellent debates!

kindest regards,

Dr. Brendan Howe (Ewha University)
Jason Jarvis (Kyung Hee University)
*Co Directors of Tabulations*

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