[eDebate] missing aff list -- wed am, distribution, neg, scouting #s

SSbauschard2 at aol.com SSbauschard2
Wed Mar 15 07:33:04 CST 2006

At 23 scouts.  Would like to keep climbing
Sent new aff & neg files.
You should be receiving stuff if you contributed.  If not, let me know  ASAP. 
 Generally, I have used the email address that people contributed  from -- I 
haven't emailed every person on your team. Andre Barnes, it bounced  from your 
email. I sent it to Pete.  I will post it to NDTCASELIST.COM  when/if 
everyone contributes.  It's not really that  hard.
It would be nice if everyone sent everything by Friday so I cold stop doing  
this every morning and people could prep over the weekend.
Missing affs info
Baylor LO 
Catholic PS 
CSU-Fullerton MM 
Idaho State DY  
Kentucky SJ 
Kentucky TT 
Liberty HH 
Miami MV 
North Texas CS  
Pitt EW 
Redlands SZ 
Texas DT 
Trinity LM 
Wayne State MS  

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