[eDebate] Final NCAA Debate Pool Announcement

Aaron Kall mardigras23
Wed Mar 15 12:54:01 CST 2006

Many have already signed up.  If you still would like an invitation, please 
e-mail me at aaronkall at gmail.com

Below is an e-mail about getting your picks in early I received from 


Don't let the members of your bracket group get shut out. Make sure they get 
their picks in early.

The first day of the College Basketball Tournament is the busiest day of the 
year at CBS SportsLine.com. It all starts early Thursday morning when 
everyone logs in to finalize their bracket picks. The last few hours before 
the bracket submission deadline is the only time of year that demand exceeds 
our capacity. There will be people who will not be able to submit their 
bracket picks in time to qualify.

Do yourself and the members of your group a favor - warn them that they need 
to get their picks in early. We're doing everything we can to get this 
message out there, but there are ways you can help spread the word:

  • Email the entire group at: 06debate at mayhem.sportsline.com
  • Post a message on your league's message board: 
  • Visit each member of your group on Wednesday night and repeatedly 
bounce a basketball off their head until they log on and make their picks

Let everyone know that people who wait until after 11:59 PM Wednesday may 
not be able to enter their picks in time to qualify.

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