[eDebate] Last Chance to Nominate for HS Julia Burke Award

lexy green lexdevil
Wed Mar 15 20:25:35 CST 2006

Nominations are due TODAY.

Each year at the TOC the Julia Burke Award is given to a debater who demonstrates goodness of heart despite the pressures of competition. If you know a debater who fits this description, please nominate him or her soon. 

Policy debaters, coaches and judges are invited to nominate one individual no later than MARCH 15. Any policy debater who is eligible, or expected to be eligible to compete in the Tournament of Champions may be nominated for the award. Nominations should include the name and school of the nominee, the reasons for the nomination preferably including examples and anecdotes, and the identity of the person submitting the nomination. Nominations should be submitted to The Julia Burke Award Committee by e-mail to: Marilyn_Burke at JuliaBurkeFoundation.com or
CallmeHuls at aol.com

More information on the award and past recipients can be found here:

Lexy Green
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