[eDebate] 2005 Fossil fuel caselists..oh yeah and a Bear siting :)

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Thu Mar 16 21:57:41 CST 2006

Does anyone know how to access the caselists for Wake aff and neg and the 
NDT scouting files for the fossil fuel topic?  I'd be greateful.  If you 
have the files, feel free to send them as RTF or WORD files I think my 
hotmail addy can take that much data.

Thanks for the kind words everyone, you should still get ready for the oil 
peak in 2010...!!!

and an additional shout.............you can skip now if you dont like 
unofficial stuff.....

Scott Herndon, I love you man! (I'd say it to Eric Short, but you know :)  
lol.. thanks for the message dude).  To everyone else... thanks again...I'm 
still waiting for my Stannard hug!!

Bear Bryant got my message folks.. he still reads the list... I could not 
have been happier to hear from someone in my life.  Thanks Bear, really... a 
lot of us really do miss you being around because of what you represented, I 
wish I had your courage to speak up MORE sometimes.  Everyone already thinks 
I'm an asshole!  lol... but I'm not Bear... much love, I still think our 
Saudi case on Title VII rocked - but that's debate... and it was fun!

Watch it folks.. he lurks..and one day we shall all be called out.  I'll 
wait for that day, some of you won't like it much :)

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