[eDebate] Update #2 for CEDA Nationals

Ceda2vp at cs.com Ceda2vp
Fri Mar 17 11:55:22 CST 2006

Greetings all:

Tim and I are working hard to meet your needs.  Some quick items:

1-CEDA Membership Dues--While many have paid their dues through the AFA site 
or by sending a check to Kelly, some have not.  You must be a paid member of 
CEDA to compete in the national tournament.  Please feel free to use the AFA 
site.  To make it easier, we have also added a membership dues payment tab when 
you click on the CEDA Nationals Fees tab.  

2. Since we will be doing an opening awards ceremony and an earlier 
registration period, the opening reception during the registration period will be 
smaller than in past years;
3-Breakfast will be available for participants on Saturday and Sunday and as 
in the past for those who advanced to elimination rounds on the following two 

4-Please double-check entries especially your judge commitments and food 
needs so we can serve you better. 

5-Also double-check the entry of judge philosphies by your hired judges into 
the system.  We would like the community to have early access to all of the 

6-Debateresults also has information on judges voting records and points 
awarded which may influence your judge rankings. 

7-Please donate rounds to improve the quality of the pool.  

8-Texas colleges--please backchannel me with stories about your debaters that 
we can use to augment local and national press releases for the event.  

9-Most other basic questions are answered in the invitation available both on 
the CEDA website (www.cedadebate.org) and at debateresults. 

10-The fax number for enrollment certifications is 212-471-8664.  

11-Becky Opsata informs me that Sue Peterson has agreed to fill in as the 
Sexual Harassment Officer during CEDA Nationals.  

See you in Dallas.  

Peace & Justice,

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