[eDebate] CEDA: Executive Secretary Report

Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Sat Mar 18 07:14:21 CST 2006

2005 - 2006 Cross Examination Debate Association

Executive Secretary Report

March 2006


Hi Everyone:


Several items to report at this time.  The information addressed in this
letter is available at my webpage:  http://www.wichita.edu/ceda.




            I have included most tournaments at this time.  There is a
national list and a regional sweeps list.  I will add Sac State and D1
results soon.  I still need jv elims from Georgia State and Augustana before
those will be included.  PLEASE double check your points.  Follow the link
under CEDA POINTS for COMPREHENSIVE LIST.  All of the schools are sorted
alphabetically and it lists the total points earned at each tournament.  If
you think there is a mistake, please let me know.




            An updated membership list is available online.  PLEASE make
sure your school is listed.  Membership is required to compete at CEDA
Nationals and to win any of the awards.  If you recently paid AFA, please
let me know.  I will contact their office prior to the start of the
tournament.  If we have not received your payment prior to the tournament,
you will be asked to pay membership dues at registration.




            There is one amendment to the constitution at this time.  The
purpose is to bring our eligibility requirements into conformity with the
AFA.  We will discuss the amendment and bring it to a vote at the CEDA
Nationals Business Meeting.  A proxy form is available online if you cannot
attend the meeting.




            It is scheduled for Monday April 3.  Will Baker and I are
working on an agenda.  I will post more information as soon as it is


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Jeffrey W. Jarman, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary

Cross Examination Debate Association



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