[eDebate] missing info

SSbauschard2 at aol.com SSbauschard2
Sat Mar 18 18:45:52 CST 2006

Has shrunk some. I'l send another update in the am.  
If anyone has accurate & current info on these theams that they are  willing 
to contribute, I'd appreciate it.  
missing neg: 

Baylor LO 
Case DD 
Central OK DS 
CSU  Fullerton MM 
Dartmouth -- all 
Denver EM 
George Washington  
Kentucky -- both 
Liberty HH (wasn't released  on CBS this) 
Wayne (Got FM's). 
missing aff: 

Baylor LO (it's coming) 
Liberty HH -- got  info on "one child" from your district caselist
North Texas CS 
Pitt  EW  -- got info on your new oil aff from someone, nothing else.
Redlands  SZ 

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