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Tue Mar 21 11:17:04 CST 2006

Hi, Sorry to bother everyone but the VHSL Northern Region Tournament at Yorktown High School, this Friday and Saturday, is in critical need of hired judges - particulary on Friday night. IF you are not going to the NDT and can come judge on Friday and/or Saturday please let me know. The few of you who have volunteered to come and judge have my eternal thanks, but right now we don't have a enough judges to run the tourney (we need 7 every round) and local coaches are not permitted to judge because the VHSL doesn't allow that - we rely on outside, hired, non-affiliated judging. The only way we can send people to states is to have a tournamnet, and right now that aint looking so good. The pay is OK, the food will be good too. If you can help us out, please let me know. Thanks,Duane

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