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The judge preferences are now on.  You may begin entering your preference sheets.

In addition, there is a space for an ordinal ranking of judges.  This is provided for two reasons.  First, the information will be used by the Director of the NDT to run simulations examining how various judge placement procedures work at the NDT.  Second, the preference sheet is sortable by ordinal ranks.  If you enter the judges in ordinal rank and then sort them, it can assist you in determining which judges fall into which category.

To have a valid strike sheet, you MUST do the category rankings.  More information is below.

Instructions for Completing NDT Preference Sheet

You have the option of completing your preference sheet online through the Fullerton Web Entry System or by using the NDT software called JPref.

What are the numbers required/allowed?
We use judge units at the NDT (every judge counts as either 1 or 2 units depending upon the number of rounds they are scheduled to judge)
Numbers required on the preference sheet:
55 units of 1 (or A+)
55 units of 2 (or A)
40 units of 3 (or B+)
30 units of 4 (or B)
Strikes allowed
No more than 45 units of 6 (or strike)

What is to be done with coaches/judges from your own school or precluded judges?
Judges from your own school or judges you know to be precluded from judging you should be entered as 5 in the preference entry system

Option 1: Fullerton Web Entry System: We will download all preferences entered online at noon on Thursday, March 23, 2006. The online entry system will be closed down at that time.

Option 2: JPref - We will distribute at registration a software program which you can install on your PC (if you have chosen not to use the online entry system)

JPref Installation & Use Instructions:
1. Double-click the file called Setup.exe on the CD to install the program on your computer.
2. Once installed, you will find a program called JPref among your Program Files; start up the JPref program.
3. As it starts, JPref will ask you to locate the file called NDT Pref. This file will be located on the CD that contained the JPref installation program.
4. You will now be able to rate each judge 1 through 6 (6 being strike); you will see that the counter at the bottom of the screen is keeping track of your selections.
5. When you have satisfactorily completed your sheet, save it to a location of your choosing (your hard drive, flash drive, floppy drive, etc.). NOTE: You will not be able to re-save it to the CD, since the CD is write protected.
6. Return your NDT Pref text file to the tab room through one of the following means (email attach it to Richard_Edwards at baylor.edu or physically return it on a flash drive, floppy drive, or CD formatted as a direct CD).
If you registered in the morning, please stop by the tab room between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. to initial your official preference sheet. If you register in the afternoon, please pick up your official preference sheet by 5:00 p.m. This sheet will become the SOLE reference point for any questions arising during the tournament as to how a team rated a judge.
The prelim preference sheet is used for all rounds through double octafinals. Beginning in octafinals, a separate judge selection sheet will be used for the construction of strike cards.

John Fritch

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