[eDebate] scout list -- still begging for $200 * (2 or 3)

SSbauschard2 at aol.com SSbauschard2
Tue Mar 21 22:26:11 CST 2006

This is about 22.
We could have about 25 if we could find three programs to pay $200 for  a 
school who can't afford the fee.  One school has expressed  interest.
Could make it work pretty well if we get those $200 contributions plus  about 
5 more scouts.  Everyone seems to use the info....so...
Dartmouth  (1-2) 
caroline.brandt at dartmouth.edu   - full time
caroline.harkins at dartmouth.edu -- will contribute what she  listens to 
Georgia  (1) 
1 (sponsoring  Westminster  student) 
Harvard (1)   
Leo Zimmerman (4  rounds) 
Jason Murray (4  rounds) 
Iowa  (1) 
_JaredTBazzell at gmail.com_ (mailto:JaredTBazzell at gmail.com)  
Michigan  (3) 
Laura Pisarello   _laurelp at umich.edu_ (mailto:laurelp at umich.edu)  
Ericka Jerwick _erijer at umich.edu_ (mailto:erijer at umich.edu)  
Jeremy Kreisberg _jdogmets19 at aol.com_ (mailto:jdogmets19 at aol.com)  
Michigan State  (4) 
Amit Bindra, _bindra.amit at gmail.com_ (mailto:bindra.amit at gmail.com)  
Jeremy Hammond, _hammon69 at msu.edu_ (mailto:hammon69 at msu.edu)  
Caitlin Ryan, _ryancait at gmail.com_ (mailto:ryancait at gmail.com)  
Debbie Lai, _laidebo1 at msu.edu_ (mailto:laidebo1 at msu.edu)  
Pittsburgh  (2) 
John  Karlovic
karlos9569 at hotmail.com

Kristen Wlazelek
_kristen.wlazelek at gmail.com_ (mailto:kristen.wlazelek at gmail.com)  
Richmond  (1) 
Liz Luzon  --  liz.lauzon at richmond.edu 
SMS  (2) 
Need  names/emails 
UNT  (1) 
Rachel  <rachelschy at gmail.com> 
USC  (1) 
Matt  Nadell. 
nadell at usc.edu 
Wake  (3) 

( 3 rounds  Saturday) Rohit Nath _nathrd5 at wfu.edu_ (mailto:nathrd5 at wfu.edu)  
(round 2 (may be late)  on) Kurt Zemlicka <zemlkm5 at wfu.edu>
(round 2 (may be late) on  Claire Reifsnyder <reifce5 at wfu.edu 
Westminster HS  (1) 

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