[eDebate] Dangerous Profs Book and our old friend Pat

Mckown, Robert J. MckownR
Wed Mar 22 06:56:10 CST 2006

a little nondebate interlude ..
I remember a couple of weeks back someone posted something here about
the "dangerous profs" book-- 
here's a good clip on pat robertson and the commie killer squads that
have taken over universitites (same book) 
I particularly can relate to the "beat up" line (1:12 into it) -- I
remember when Bill Newnam used to take me out back behind the dobbs
center, put on his fidel outfit and beat me to a pulp with a large wood
plank that had "obey the revolution damnit" scribbled on it..   the good
ole days.. 
Jamie Mckown 
Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication
College of Charleston 
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