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Internet  access is not included in the hotel room rate. To have access 
included in the  hotel rate would have required an increas the nightly rate by $10. 
As  a special negotiation the hotel and Wayport have agreed to sell 
discounted in  room coupons for guests to access the internet.  These coupons will be 
sold at the front  desk for $5.00 per coupon which will provide guests with a 
one day access  code.  The coupons will have no cash  value and will be 
non-refundable.  These coupons will be good for Westin wireless access in the hotel 
lobby  as well. 
Each  coupon provides access from the time it is activated until 3 pm the 
next day. If  you sign on right at 12:01 pm you get 27 hours of service. If you 
activate a  coupon at 10 am you get two hours of service.
The  Sheraton doesn't normally have high speed internet access. However, as 
another  concession they agreed to create an area of the Sheraton with 16 hard 
wired  connections. These connections are the ONLY connections that will be 
available  to participants while they are in the Sheraton. The Sheraton has a 
bar/lounge  area with open seating. The 16 connections will all be in that area. 
This area  is intended to be "30 minutes free access". It is NOT intended to 
be an area for  you/your squad to take over as their personal research area. 
If you are setting  up a "research room" please do that at the Westin. It's a 2 
minute walk.  Consider this an opportunity to prove that the tragedy of the 
commons  doesn't have to apply to the debate community.
As  always, if you have questions let me know.
Tim  Mahoney
Site Coordinator, 2006 CEDA  Nationals
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