[eDebate] WDI sends congratulations

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Thu Mar 23 13:58:53 CST 2006

World Debate Institute
National College Policy Debate Workshop
July 28 arrive, August 11 depart

Congratulations to Khan and Wittwer of Rochester for winning JV 
Nationals at West Virginia. Both are WDI graduates. The last FOUR JV 
national champs have attended WDI. All 8 of them.

Congratulations to the many debaters, coaches and judges who will be 
attending the NDT and CEDA Nationals who also have WDI connections, 
either as a coach or debater who was either a faculty member or an attendee.

Here are some interesting numbers from those tournaments:

Totals:  NDT = 78 teams, CEDA = 200 teams

Debaters who attended WDI  NDT = 13  CEDA = 46

Teams coached by WDI faculty members/attendees NDT = 17 CEDA = 64

Judges who attended WDI as students NDT = 21  CEDA = 25

Judges who have been faculty members  NDT = 17  CEDA = 17

Join the parade! Plan to attend this summer to supercharge your season.

More information coming after these last two tournaments.

Contact me if you have questions.

Alfred "Tuna" Snider
WDI Director

PS: While at CEDA Nats out of every 3 teams you meet one of them will 
probably be coached by someone who has attended or taught at WDI. We are 

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