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Ceda2vp at cs.com Ceda2vp
Mon Mar 27 17:09:50 CST 2006


We're aware that the site has been closed for those of you who wished to make 
changes.  We have asked Bruschke to allow changes at debateresults.com for 
entries.  As soon as he is able, he will make that adjustment.  Please make 
final changes to entries (team changes, cross-check judge information, update your 
comments re: donated rounds, enter judge philosophies). 

Currently we have 203 teams entered and 19 remaining as waitlisted.   We have 
allowed all teams to enter but need to know, if in fact, all of them will be 
Cross-check your membership status as per Jarman's e-mail.   Use the AFA site 
or the CEDA Nationals fee registration page to pay your dues if you have not. 

Thanks for your time.  See you in Dallas.  

Peace & Justice,


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