[eDebate] Unofficial Position Announcement: Bard College

Ruth Zisman ruth.zisman
Tue Mar 28 09:44:52 CST 2006

Unofficial Position Announcement: Bard College

As I will be going to grad school in New York City this fall while
continuing to direct the program, Bard College is looking to hire a debate
coach to assist with all coaching duties of the Bard College Debate Team. I
have not, as of yet, worked out all of the details of the position, but I
wanted to send out an
unofficial announcement in order to get a sense of interest, so please
contact me if you are interested (contact info below).

A little info about the position: The debate coach will be asked to work
primarily with novice and JV debaters who will travel primarily in the CEDA
East region. This person will be asked to research, judge, and travel to
approximately 4 tournaments per semester. This person will also hold
and practice debates with students and be available on a somewhat daily
basis to field students' questions and assist students with research and
skill development. The position will pay a stipend of $8,000-$10,000 and can
be offered in conjunction with (or without) a part time position working as
assistant to the Dean of International Studies at Bard College (a position I
hold now and will be leaving). This position (Assistant to the Dean of
International Studies) offers flexible hours, an hourly wage, and full
health benefits!

Requirements: Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree and a valid
driver's license.

A little info about the team: 2006-2007 will be Bard's 3rd year as a
program. This year the team had 16 members, approximately half of which were
novices and half which were returning students. I expect at least 10 of this
year's students to continue debating next year, and I also expect 8-10
students (both with and without high school debate experience) from the
incoming first year class. The
team travels both regionally and nationally to 5-6 tournaments per semester,
has excellent administrative support, program flexibility, and a sufficient
(and hopefully increasing) travel budget. The students are eager and
excited, brilliant, creative, and passionate.

A little info about bard: Bard is a small, liberal (very very liberal) arts
college approximately 100 miles north of New York City (1.5 hours by train)
and 40 miles south of Albany, nestled in the mid-Hudson River Valley
directly across from the peaks of the Catskill Mountains.  Bard is best
known for its beautiful campus, its stellar programs in the Arts, its
eclectic faculty, and its creative, motivated, politically active student

If you're interested, please email me at zisman at bard.edu. Also, feel free to
talk to me or Stephen Davis, Assistant Debate Coach, at CEDA Nationals this

Ruth Zisman
Director of Debate
Bard College
(845) 758-6822 ext. 6144
zisman at bard.edu
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