[eDebate] payment confirmations for CEDA Nationals

Ceda2vp at cs.com Ceda2vp
Tue Mar 28 11:04:57 CST 2006

When the debateresults site was turned back on, some of you are seeing 
messages saying you have not paid fees.  

1- If you have received an e-mail confirmation for your credit card payment, 
we have received that amount and it is confirmed in our records (check your 
membership dues).   

2- If you paid by check and previously the system confirmed your payment then 
we have received the amount indicated.

3- If debateresults never indicated you were paid and you did not receive a 
confirmation e-mail from Liz, please check with your accounts payable 
department.  We will post a list of schools from whom we have received check payments 
and try to contact those with questions individually.  

Peace & Justice,

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