[eDebate] CEDA Nats

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Tue Mar 28 13:31:16 CST 2006

I've been assured that the debateresults site has been reopened.  I
apologize for any inconvenience.  It is absolutely essential that
everyone double-checks their entry today to ensure that the information
is correct.  If you have a wait-listed team, make sure that you confirm
that they are now an actual entry.  Also check judging to ensure that
the round obligations are correct.  At present, my math tells me that if
we have 219 teams (201 + 18 waitlisted) we would need a MINIMUM or 876
rounds of judging.  At present we have 793 rounds on Bruschke's site, a
shortage of 83 rounds!  Beyond that, the operation of the tournament
(undisclosed conflicts, missed rounds, etc.) requires additional rounds
beyond the minimum obligation.  Please inform us if you can assist in
this way.


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