[eDebate] WVU JV/Novice Nats--awards and thoughts

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Mon Mar 6 12:54:12 CST 2006

Quick response:
1.  Let me thank Andy for his willingness to come down and be available for 
all the outrounds.  It is commitment like that that makes our community what 
it is on its best days.
2.  Let me also thank Andy for his frankness.  I appreciate that.
3.  If WVU hosts this tournament next year, it can either be a 6 or 7 round 
tournament starting Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday night on campus.  
If people want something else, we're cool with that.  If people prefer a 
Saturday-Monday tournament with outrounds at the hotel, and you can find 
someone to host it who is reasonably centrally located and acceptable to the 
community, go for it.  That would mean my students could compete, I could 
save dozens of hours of missed time with my family, and I could save the 
taxpayers of West Virginia about $9000.  If there is not such an 
alternative, we're willing to do it.
4.  On the tab stuff, I don't have time today to debate the details, but 
Andy's idea and argument seems potentially reasonable as well.  A modified 
pref system might work well.  Within what I now know the constraints to be, 
I would be willing to do what I think the sense of the community is 
(providing people understand the various tradeoffs involved:  using prefs 
vs. saving some time in power-pairing; going to large numbers of strikes vs. 
needing more rounds to account for people being so under-preferred as to 
make them unusable if we're trying to avoid mutual 5s and 6s).--Neil

>From: "Andy Ellis" <andy.edebate at gmail.com>
>To: "NEIL BERCH" <berchnorto at msn.com>
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>Subject: Re: [eDebate] WVU JV/Novice Nats--awards and thoughts
>Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 11:35:30 -0500
>Thanks to neil and the west virginai folks the tournament was great, i
>enjoyed staying late and seeing it wind down.
>Two things.
>1) Six round tournament. I ring in with a resounding no on this, this
>tournament is special for many of the squads in the east and the midwest 
>consider it  a national tournament and i think last year truly captured how
>good it could be. I think its really important to make the tournament like
>nationals and not like a big regional tournament. This should mean 7 or 8
>prelim rounds and should also mean outrounds at the hotel on monday, not in
>classroom building on sunday. Give the JV and novice students who work all
>year to win nationals the opportunity to debate on the big stage, 
>got this right, if west virginia is not interested in doing this then as
>much as like neil and the tournament he hosted i dont think nationals 
>be in west virginia i think a big regional tournament should.
>2) Prefs- Neil is the statistician here but i think that keeping prefs, but
>shifting the way that they are done could solve this problem, again one of
>the wonderful things about this tournament is that it is the only 
>of this size and this caliber for students who do their work in jv and
>novice and one of the good things about it is that it lets you choose after
>a year of debating who the most preferrred critics are and i think for the
>most part students i have spoken to love this. I think outrounds could move
>to a strike card system for later out rounds and that the number of pref
>categories could be decreased but that students should get to choose the
>judges they prefer. ? for neil. Does your desire to do this  stem from  the
>input of competitors? Did they suggest this solution  or did they suggest a
>problem and you suggested the solution?
>Andy Ellis

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