[eDebate] WVU JV/Novice Nats--awards and thoughts

Joe Patrice joepatrice
Mon Mar 6 13:52:20 CST 2006

Additional thoughts:

*Number of Rounds*

I agree with Andy that this tournament is intended to be a unique experience
for novices and JV debaters and having 7 rounds is a key part of separating
this tournament from all the others that the debaters attend throughout the

*WVU Hosting*

While I agree with Andy that having outrounds in the hotel and making this
tournament operate similarly to the national championship both substantively
and aesthetically would be ideal, I recognize that this is a large
tournament that few schools are particularly eager to run (we're on our
third host in the last -- what -- 4 years? 5?) and therefore I would not
want to turn our backs on an eager and competent host program simply to find
a hypothetical alternative host who can run the tournament just a teensy bit
more akin to CEDA Nats in style.  Even CEDA Nats has outrounds on campus
sometimes when the hotel cannot accommodate us and I view this as a small
price to pay to have a willing perennial host.


At run-of-the-mill tournaments novices often adapt to random judging, and
while it is a pain for administration, I would want to maintain the end of
the year treat of some kind of pref system.  As to prefs vs. more strikes,
my fear with substantial numbers of strikes would be that this could
hypothetically bind the tournament worse in the late outrounds.  It seems
psychologically better to me to put a non-mutual 5/6 or even 5/7 on a panel
than to have to relax one of the team's strikes.
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