[eDebate] WVU Jv/Novi Nats was awesome!

Sarah Snider snider.sj
Tue Mar 7 13:05:45 CST 2006

I agree that the WVA novice/JV nats was awesome!

I couldn't believe how much food they  were feeding us given that we didn't
pay fees for this tournament!

I would totally understand though, if in the future this tournament charged
a fee and I am sure that if that ever does occur Neil will work incredibly
hard to keep the fees as small as possible.

One suggestion to assist with scheduling concerns which I think are the
biggest of the small concerns I have about this tournament is to look into
perhaps getting rounds in the student union for elims on Monday and not bank
on a hotel. There may be a difference in cost and in the overall quality of
the facilities. I would urge Neil to look into all available options.

We can't get out of the first day at 11:15 pm, and then have an 8am start
time the next day!

I agree with Ken Johnson that the community should find a way to ensure that
the WVU debaters do not have to sit out for Nationals.

And don't take prefs away from JV and Novice debaters! every tournament
screws these students over on prefs all year long we owe them prefs for
their national championship.

Those of you who did not attend this tournament, it was fantastic and you
should look into it next year for sure! I am really glad that this
tournament has made it through a shuffle of hosts in the last three years.


On 3/7/06, NEIL BERCH <berchnorto at msn.com> wrote:
>  Thanks, Ken (and others) for your feedback.  Let me note that I've become
> convinced that I was too hasty on the prefs issue.  I think Andy, Ken, Ken,
> Joe, and others are probably right.  If we do this next year, we would use a
> 4-to-6 category pref system, probably supplemented with strike cards for
> late outrounds.
> I would note that I shared Ken D.'s concern that Emporia, UTSA, and
> Oklahoma were disadvantaged in later outrounds by the departures of other D3
> schools (and had similar concerns for Liberty with the fairly early
> departure of most D7 schools), but I thought it was important to get people
> on the road as soon as possible.
> Other issues raised have been noted; I will respond soon (and am looking
> at an outside possibility of being able to do 7 rounds with doubles on
> Sunday and octas-to-finals at the hotel on Monday; cost and the ability to
> have 16 rounds simultaneously without disturbing one another are the
> issues).
> Please keep the feedback coming.
> --Neil Berch
> West Virginia University
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> *Subject:* [eDebate] WVU Jv/Novi Nats was awesome!
> Along with everybody, I would like to thank the WVU crew for hosting one
> hellova tournament.  This tournament continues to be my favorite
> tournament
> experience year in and year out.  There is something really special about
> it
> -- for many of my debaters, it is what they spend the season preparing for
> -- thank you for an excellent exclamation point on the end of our
> jv/novice
> year.
> Not (at all) to criticize, here are a few thoughts about comments other
> folks have brought up and a new one of my own --
> 1. entry fees -- It is huge for us to not have to pay entry fees at this
> tournament -- with 8 teams, i imagine we would have been paying $800-1000
> to
> attend if there had been fees.  We will use this extra $$ to try to take
> extra folks to other (ndt/ceda nats) tournaments.  Thank you WVU!  That
> being said (and i realize its a privileged position to say this), I'd be
> willing to pay some sort of entry fee (25/team -- maybe 50??) to allow for
> 2
> things --
> a) better trophies for doubles through semis.  the championship challis
> was
> great, but it would be nice to have something a little more deluxe for the
> other folks.  for some, this is their last tournament ever.  not the
> biggest
> deal ever, just a thought.
> b) i hesitate to go down this road, but maybe the tournament could use
> fees
> to hire a few helpers to ensure WVU people get to debate.  Those students
> are incredible members of our community.  their selflessness in hosting
> this
> tournament and sitting out nationals speaks to their commitment to the
> community and the beauty of the WVU program.  I would love to see them in
> the tournament.  Maybe folks could be hired with additional money to help
> run ballots / set up food / get me coffee when i'm passing out during
> semis
> (thank you!!!).  I know it would be an extra layer of hosting nightmare to
> have to hire folks, get the tax work done, etc. ... just a thought
> 2.  Prefs -- I like them for this tournament -- it allows folks with
> arguments that won't be considered by some of the judges to run their jazz
> without be excluded.  maybe i'm dead wrong and the "strike 30%" idea would
> be better for making sure people aren't silence, but i'll wait for that
> argument before abandoning prefs.  i also like andy's idea of the strike
> card for outrounds.
> 3.  tournament schedule -- yes, 4 on saturday, 3 + partial on sunday, and
> outrounds forever on monday would be ideal.  even more ideal is having a
> person willing to host.  whatever works for the host is fine by me.  i
> think
> 7 rounds is important for all the reasons everybody else has stated.
> all in all, this was a wonderful experience.  even my students who did not
> clear said they learned a bunch (we have a number of bard-style converts
> --
> watch out world!!!).  WVU is a gorgeous campus.  great class rooms for
> debates.  and the weather was awesome!!!
> thank you neil for all that you do.  i know you wouldn't, but please do
> not
> take these comments as criticism; just as utopian thoughts for improvement
> of a difficult logistical situation.
> We should be proud of our debate community!
> Ken Johnson
> Rochester
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