[eDebate] Waitlisted Teams for CEDA Nationals-Everybody's In!

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Wed Mar 8 18:03:48 CST 2006

As an addendum to Will's message, it would be very helpful for EVERYONE to
double-check their entries and judge commitments.  The brief hiccup on
debateresults a couple weeks ago did result in some info being lost that has
perhaps all been restored, but we'd like everyone to check to make sure.

As you fill out judge info, I'd like to remind everyone that the CEDA has
appreciated the willingness of the community to donate rounds to accommodate
the rounds that are necessarily lost in the attempt to provide appropriate
mutual preference judging at the tournament.  If you are willing to judge
additional rounds as a volunteer (or for hire), please indicate that in the
comments section for each judge.  Thanks.


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