[eDebate] JV/Novice Nationals

matt stannard stannardmatt
Thu Mar 9 05:18:08 CST 2006

>Instead, it would be nice -- and probably in the authoritative realm of the
>CEDA exec -- to have someone propose a by-law/constitutional change
>sanctioning one, official novice/JV national tournament.

Nope.  It would not be nice.  It would shut out schools that could not 
afford to travel to the other side of the country from where they're at in 
order to attend a novice or JV national championship.  Many of those 
underfunded programs are exactly the ones who benefit from novice and JV 
divisions and possible national titles.  It would privilege one host school 
in a way that is totally unprecedented (at the level of JV and novice nats) 
and completely unnecessary.

And I don't believe it would be within CEDA's authority as I understand 
it--it would be a huge additional power that doesn't exist now.

>1.  higher likelihood of a quality tournament -- if CEDA sanctions it,  
>will go.

That is historically untrue.  Divisions at Towson and JCCC nationals, and 
Northwestern's novice nationals, have been huge in the past, without CEDA 
sanction.  The fact that CEDA sanctions something doesn't mean people are 
more likely to go to it either, as the Rochester nationals experience 
demonstrates.  I just think you might be oversimplifying and overstating 
some things here.

>2.  less tournament infringement -- if there's one "national"  tournament, 
>will be less likely that multiple novice/JV, etc. national  tournaments 
>occur at the same time -- or at least in close proximity.

A meaningless tautology: if there's one national tournament, there will be 
fewer national tournaments.  :)

>This is not to
>dismiss the ADA nationals or NDT/CEDA, but rather to say that it  does seem 
>to have 2 or more tournaments that call themselves the  "novice/JV national
>tournament" in the same season


>3.  more cooperation -- if tournament hosts alternate venues, then  those
>hosts can help each other in the planning and perhaps even in the hosting  
>much like the NDT hosts help during the planning of the subsequent year's  

But this is equally true if different regions continue to host their 
respective JV and Novice national championships over time.  There is no net 
gain in cooperation or coordination by consolodating or centralizing these 

>4.  creates less stress on potential hosts -- of course, hosting a  huge
>national tournament is enormous stress, so why should we create more?   If 
>a host
>knows for sure that their tournament will be the sanctioned one for a
>particular year, then folks like WVU don't have to worry that they're  
>their teams by hosting a tournament and fear that others won't  attend.

I can't imagine anything more stressful than hosting a national 
championship.  In fact, turn--having three JV/Novice nat'l championships is 
less stressful on each of the three hosts than having one would be on that 
singular host.

>CEDA probably should, at the very least, look into this matter.

No we shouldn't.  We should stay out of it.


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