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Thu Mar 9 08:40:51 CST 2006

I have a small amount of input to add here.

1.  I do not think the tournament should ever leave the East Coast.  This is where most of the novice and JV 
teams are located.  Whenever other parts of the country can find regular season tournaments that break to 
doubles in novice, then a discussion for a more equitable geographic location might be legitimated.  The  JV 
Nationals in the midwest has recently added novice, and I think it may have reached 10 teams one year.
It would kill the participation level of the tournament to move it anywhere else.

2. CEDA Executives have no legitimate reason to get involved.  It has made it this far without their help, I think 
the East Coast JV/Novice Nationals have had awesome turnouts for 15 years plus.  This would only be more 
duties/tasks for the CEDA committee, and there is really no need. A committee would only muster up the power 
to move it out of the east, which is the worst case scenario in my mind.

3. CEDA Nationals should not be combined with JV/NOvice Nationals.  We know that JV/Novice would be 
ignored, get the worse rooms, worse judges, and probably even less rounds.  I am sorry, but honestly, most of 
the community is only novice happy in their gestures, not in who they travel and coach.

Last i want to add a comment to those who talk about bringing it to the midwest.  Until we can host a novice 
tournament with more than 10 teams, we got no reasom to ask 60 other novice teams to come all the way to the 
midwest.  You could pick out one or two schools from the east that have more novice teams than the whole 
midwest put together.  We have to build the so called "DIII" to attract novice and JV debate, not feel as though 
we can mutter some geographical unfairness, and expect everyone to flock to JCCCC every year.  I will attend 
the east coast nationals every year, and until we get our novice numbers up in the region, the JCCC will 
continue to look like a regional tournament in novice.  (7 teams right now)  This is not a slam on Terri, this is 
more of a shout to the district of quit hoping for the best, when we dont get our hands and knees dirty teaching 
people who have never debated how to debate.  Yes, it is the most challenging part of being a coach.  This 
year at OU we only had 3 novice teams during the year, and i feel like we dropped the ball.  We need each 
school doing what UMKC did this year, then we may have some novice rep in the future to ask others to bring 
there teams here.



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