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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Thu Mar 9 17:38:23 CST 2006


I dont think I am hitting it too fast at all - I am just getting tired of
everyone bashing tournaments in the last two weeks - I mean we just endured
a barrage of complaints about a tournament with NO entry fees and FREE

Beyond that what I am pointing out is that there is a FREERIDER problem with
NDT observers.  A problem that became so pronounced that it caused rules to
be passed requiring obeservers to pay to attend.

MS: Wasn't aware that was what Andy was assuming.  Doesn't seem like HIS
are what he is talking about at all, in fact.

JBH: This is a nice rhetorical turn - but everyone wishes they could bring
everyone that might want to learn from the NDT - by saying HIS I meant the
needs of the people he wants to bring as opposed to the costs of the HOST.

MS: Wasn't aware that Andy's argument was that every single person who ever
debated, wanted to debate, or might debate should be able to attend the NDT.
Why do you feel the need to hyperbolize and misrepresent his arguments in
order to answer them?

JBH: Because the alternative is getting rid of the observer fee - that would
functionally be the same thing as saying "everyone not attending attend."
Wasnt hyperbolic.  In addition, people keep saying things as if they are
self-evident about what the NDT should be for...should serve....should
represent....Most of these are somewhat questionable.

MS: Some of us who actually have short hair and wear ties are also concerned
about the impact of the fee structure on our budgets.

JBH: The observer fee is neutral in terms of the impact on teams who
qualify...it addresses the freerider problem that was KILLING the desire of
teams to HOST the NDT.  In addition, fees for entry are lower this

I am just getting tired of people having an agenda and then acting as if
they are shocked tournaments dont universally change everything to
accomodate that particular agenda immediately.  In fact, there is usually
SHOCK and OUTRAGE combined with HOW COULD YOU hand waving...when there is a
perfectly legitimate reason for the rule. When it is not a NEW rule.  When
there could have been any number of attempts to change it prior to weeks
before the event.  The assumption is still that there is a cabal trying to
make rules to screw over students.



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