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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Mar 9 18:37:01 CST 2006

Let me first apologize for sending at a frustrated moment. I have tried to
do less of this recently and didnt mean to direct such acrimony toward the
hosts or the committee. I am excited to come to northwestern and almost
always love the NDT.

As a person who runs tournaments all the time i understand how costs that
are created by non participants can destroy the budget for a tournament and
i can appreciate that the people who are paying entry fees should get and
expect a certain level of services and amenities.

What i cant understand is the all or nothing aspect of it. It seems like we
can recognize that their are observers at different levels. I would gladly
and personally pay 50 a piece for the students i am bringing to be able to
have full access to the snacks, pairings, and awards ceremony. But i cant
nor can the programs that i am working with afford 200 a person.

I dont want to cheat the system, i want to support the ndt and i am excited
that a program as competent and well organized as northwestern has decided
to host, but if forced(because i cant come up with a grand in addition to
the already existing personal and programmatic outlay) with the choice of
coming and standing on the outside or not coming im gonna come and stand on
the outside, we will strictly stay away from food or anything the tournament
provides, this has seemed to be ok in the past.

i am probably naive and uninformed about the possibilities that have been
tried in the past and im sure i dont fully appreciate the intentions of the
committee, but i do think that some solution must exist. We are smart people
who deal with difficult and complex problems i simply cant believe that we
cant come up with a solution better than 200 a person. If we cant then thats

Andy Ellis
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