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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Thu Mar 9 19:15:01 CST 2006

Certainly sorry to dissapoint you Matt,

Personally, I thought the line about how the NDT would spend the money was
kind of funny if you consider who would be at the party,


On 3/9/06, matt stannard <stannardmatt at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The last three posts by Gordon, Andy and Steve are reasonable, honest,
> constructive, and non-sarcastic.  I appreciate them.
> If, as can be reasonably argued, there's no need for people to be
> reactionary and fire off complaints on edebate about the costs associated
> with the NDT, it is equally true that there is no reason to answer those
> or
> any other complaints with dismissive sarcasm.
> The long-term aspect of this issue is simple: It is really, really
> expensive
> to attend the NDT, and even moreso when bringing observers.  Lamenting
> this
> fact is not tantamount to selfishness or utopianism.  It is also really,
> really expensive to host the NDT.  A lamentation on the costs of attending
> should not be construed as an attack on those gracious enough to host.
> This is one instance where the "we're all in this together" cliche
> actually
> rings true.
> stannard
> >From: Steve Mancuso <mancussp at muohio.edu>
> >CC: edebate at ndtceda.com
> >Subject: Re: [eDebate] NDT Fees
> >Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 19:46:07 -0500
> >
> >I have taken part in pretty much every side of this debate.  I've been,
> >and continue to be, a consumer of the NDT, bringing teams and
> >observers, and paying the fees.  I serve on the NDT Committee.  I've
> >served on the Board of Trustees.  I've recently been a host of the NDT.
> >   I was  a co-author of the most recent hosting document.
> >
> >The people who have written about hosts getting stuck with monumental
> >food bills after the tournament (and these have sometimes been five
> >figures) are absolutely right.  Our first priority has to be to protect
> >our hosts.  And I know that is the exact concern that drives the high
> >observer fees, nothing else.  The high observer fees are absolutely the
> >result of very good intentions.  The people who look out for our
> >finances do a fantastic job, and we owe them a great gratitude for
> >their tireless service.
> >
> >I would also point out that these hidden costs add up quickly.  If
> >every school has just one person who slips in unaccounted you are
> >talking about a 10% increase in food costs.
> >
> >On the other hand, I strongly oppose the current inflexible fee system
> >for observers.
> >
> >Not too long ago it was possible to buy observer food tickets that
> >excluded the banquet(s).
> >
> >There are numerous people at the tournament who would gladly forgo
> >eating at the banquets - and that's over half the cost of the observer
> >ticket.  I have several people in my party who will not be able to
> >attend the opening banquet.  Yet I am in the position of having to pay
> >for their banquet meal anyhow.
> >
> >Further, I have two students who will be attending as observers who I
> >would like to be able to have them admitted to observe the various
> >awards ceremonies on Thursday and Sunday.  Is it really necessary to
> >buy them $60 banquet meals for that to occur?
> >
> >I know that the rigidness of the system is in part driven by
> >enforcement issues.  In the case where the host feels that the
> >single-price ticket is the only way that meal lines can be enforced we
> >need to error on the side of the host, absolutely.
> >
> >I know in this year's case the host supports variable prices for
> >observer tickets.
> >
> >I wish we could find a way to offer meal tickets that excluded the
> >banquet costs, and find a reasonable way to enforce it.
> >
> >Steve Mancuso
> >
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