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kathryn rubino kathrynrubino
Fri Mar 10 11:20:12 CST 2006

Let me  preface my comments by saying as a coach in the Northeast,
regardless of where JV/Novice Nats gets held I will send my teams in force.
But to the extent comments are called for here they are:

I think that JV/Novice nats should be held at wvu for as long as Neil is
willing to hold the tournament there.  First of all that has been the
established practice- and I see no reason to change that model now.
Additionally, the overwhelming sentiment of the posts of attendees has been
positive, and of the few criticism...Neil is working on them.  Neil has been
a model of grace as people have been picking at his tournament in a way that
I know I could not do.  In fact his willingness to listen and respond to all
of the suggestions/criticisms is an affirmative reason to always have the
tournament there (or at least until his hospitality runs out)-- don't you
want a tournament director that is willing to grow and change to afford the
debaters the best experience possible?  Also WVU has an incredibly
supportive administration that is able to provide a lot of financial support
for the tournament and I do not think it is in the community's best
interests to ignore that-- even if next year is not an entirely free
tournament it will be discounted greatly from the norm and besides Neil
provides mechanisms to allow further discounts (extra judging).

This is not a slight to Towson or their tournament-- I had a lot of fun
there for a lot of years (and if they were to host a seasonal tournament I
would go happily), but I simply do not think it is right to pull this
tournament away from WVU when they have done such a stellar job.

I also second the sentiment that WVU's location allows more teams from
more places to come-- and I find the numbers Neil provided on this
As for Jimbo's suggestion that we only take the best novice teams to Novice
Nats- I think that idea is horrible.  Creating an elitist novice/jv nats is
antithetical to the reasons to support novice debate-- I think it is
important to provide a national experience to as many debaters as possible
and I love that WVU is able to provide that.

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