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Its unfortunate that this is my first foray onto edebate, but i can't think of a better time to make public how i feel about this. Phil captured Ken pretty well in his last post, but my own experience with Ken deserves an audience. 
  Ken is aggressive in all things. At Heart of America my senior year of high school he pulled me off to the side on the stairs at Wescoe Hall's main enterance. He proceded to make my college decision really simple for me: "we are already your family. You got our christmas card, right? You'd fit in well at emporia. Did you meet loghry? you're just like him. We thought you were funny. You'd debate in open. There's some money in it for you. You want to be a debate coach, eh? Emporia State is perfect for that (lists off 13 coaches). So...what's the confusion? go to emporia. go. now."
  Ken is understanding. Ken ultimately knows that what he seeks is whatever's in people's best interest. I have countless stories in which Ken has taken pitty on me when i've dropped the ball on an assignment, failed to go to a tournament due to a dead grandparent (although he ALMOST yelled at me for that), or just generally fucked up. He has called me after surgeries to ensure i was doing ok and to lend his assisstance. He has gone out of his way to make sure my academic credibility at Emporia State was at least decent. I've left the team twice now, and every time upon my exit i was told "there is always a place for you on this squad if you wish to return." Ken knows that debate is really the only thing i can point at in my life right now and say "i love this". Like with phil, Ken did not have to care about my well being- he just did. and that's a testiment to the type of loyalty that Ken adheres to, even in the face of people refusing to reciprocate that loyalty.
  I personally think that Ken and I have a special relationship on this particular squad. Its one of mutual respect for each other. For some reason, i can get away with arguing with Ken without our voices being raised or personal attacks being tossed back and forth... don't ask me why; every other argument seems to do just that. But whatever the reason, Ken was always straight forward and honest with me, and hope he can say the same about me. and even if he can't, i hope he knows that I have the uttmost admiration for him in that respect. 
  Not the least of his attributes is his brilliance in debate practice. Anyone who has ever looked at Ken's flows knows that he is simplistic when it comes to debate (complexity theory? yeah, he made it simple), or at least he made it simple for me. This appealed to me a great deal. I was as overwhelmed as any other mediocre incoming frosh when i learned about the breadth of knowledge that i had been hidden from in high school and was required to digest and deploy at every tournament in college. But ken can set me down for 10 minutes and convince me in that instance that "this argument is unbeatable". (ken's pep talks are amazing. "gotta hit 'em high. gotta hittem 'low. gotta go! go! go!...and don't do stupid shit!") Then it was time for me to execute his strategy...didn't always pan out. But any progress i've made in the last two years can be directly attributed to ken d. hands down, that is the safest assumption i've made in this post thusfar.
  lastly to Ken: Remember the co-op. Remember the table talk during poker (Petit probably remembers too). Remember random military trivia. Remember 80's pop trivia. The trend here, ken, is that you're supposed to remember all the good things. I'll keep you in my thoughts, and i had better see you at the 51st pflaum tournament; if not to judge than to just catch me up on your quest to be like matloc.
  respect and admiration 

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