[eDebate] And so its official...you can apply now.

Joseph Carver carrolltondebate
Thu Mar 16 08:46:08 CST 2006

I am not much for mushy. I mean Ken and I both went to the same old school.
Hell, we debated each other nearly ten times our final year. But seeing this
email hit me hard. All I want to say is that Ken continued a fantastic
tradition at Emporia with kindness,hardwork and generosity. I can remember
him bringing his team in the dead of winter to a JV Round Robin across the
country to support a friend and to get more rounds. He has always  been
concerned about the health of the community and he has coached some awesome
members of the community- Sam, RJ and Phil just to start.He did a damn fine
job. And what he wrote about Bear is a perfect example of Ken - he speaks
what's true even when it is unpopular. Emporia was lucky ot have him as was
this community.

Be well, Ken, I sure enjoyed you being around.

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