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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Thu Mar 16 15:39:01 CST 2006

Sorry for the delay, NDT prep and all,

Congratulations to MSU and to Greta.....a great deal all around....Couldnt
have made a better choice.

In addition, all of us in the district will miss "butter" or Eber,


On 3/13/06, William J Repko <repkowil at msu.edu> wrote:
> ...Greta Stahl.
> who knew ?...
> Then again, it's not terribly surprising -- we did all suspect Strauss
> would
> be employed by Greta before too long.
> Greta's responsibilities officially begin in August -- until then she will
> be completing her studies @ Oxford.
> All of the things that are always mentioned in posts of this sort hold
> true.
> MSU Debate is ecstatic to have her on-board, The Honors College (our
> administrative home) is excited to see one of its finest students return
> to
> the campus, The Detroit Lions are relieved to know that at least one
> person
> will show up to their home games.
> I'd now like to mention a few things that are not often mentioned in posts
> of this sort. In some circles this will be viewed as a victory for gender
> (which it is), or as an improvement in MSU's contribution to the judge
> pool
> (which it may well be).
> To me, this is victory for retaining our best and brightest.
> Sometimes I sense students opt against staying in our activity because
> they
> are "supposed" to follow a more professional path. If you are a junior or
> senior, and you (understandably) have no idea what to do with your life,
> consider debate as an option. It's not insane -- accomplished people have
> made that decision. It *is* a profession, you would be happy, and you can
> make a difference. We'd love to have you.
> I'd like to close by publicly thanking Mike Eber. He is patient and
> talented. He took our program to new heights. He is a wonderful judge,
> mediocre driver, and extraordinary coach.
> While it is an exciting day in EL, I think I speak for many in this
> community when I say that we will certainly miss the Butter as he heads to
> law school.
> Take it easy,
> Will
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