[eDebate] Liberty debate in the Sunday NYT Magazine

J T jtedebate
Mon Mar 20 11:40:12 CST 2006

OK so I know the article wasn't a joke, but wow!  

"Harris, Scott L" <sharris at ku.edu> wrote: There were a number of holy cow moments for me in reading that article.


"We get kids who may have been debating since the sixth grade," says Ed Panetta, head coach of the University of Georgia.


6th grade debate? Oh no, my 6th grade son is already falling behind.


Liberty's program has five full-time coaches and a budget of half a million dollars.


Now that is a holy cow moment


At the National Debate Tournament, a single-elimination shootout structured along the lines of the N.C.A.A.   basketball tournament, Liberty will be happy to finish in the Sweet 16.


Ya think Liberty might be happy if it made its 1st sweet 16 appearance?


This doesn't bother O'Donnell. "If we changed the way we recruit and concentrated on fielding an elite varsity, we'd definitely have a shot at winning the national tournament every year," he says.



Thank God Liberty doesn't try to win nationals.

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