[eDebate] CSTV DVD?

Donald Bryson anabaptist
Thu Mar 23 09:00:10 CST 2006

So, I sent in another inquiry to CSTV like I did a few months ago....and this is their new response.


Dear College Sports Fan:

Thank you for your recent inquiry and continued interest in CSTV
Programming.  Currently, we are unable to fulfill requests for CSTV
content.  As content does become available, however, we will place it in
our online store.  Please visit www.fanstore.com for current DVD
offerings and a variety of officially licensed collegiate merchandise.  

Again, thank you for your support of CSTV and college sports.

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Your website advertises: DVD
Documentary: The 2005 National
Collegiate Debate Championships.
 Then when I click on the link
it says "Coming Soon."  The 2006
NDT is this weekend and people
would like to remember the 2005
NDT if their is indeed a DVD to
be had.  Where is it?

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