[eDebate] ndt updates

Martin Harris mharris02
Sun Mar 26 23:15:45 CST 2006

    Again, no guarantees, this is just rumor on the street.  If there is an error, sorry in advance, but I think this is right.

Dartmouth CS def. Redlands SZ
Kentucky JS def. Idaho State DY 3-2
Fullerton MM def. Mary Washington SW
Northwestern BC def. Harvard LP
Dartmouth BM def. Emory CL
Kansas CJ def. George Washington LW
Harvard KM def. Berkeley LR 5-0
Whitman SS def. West Georgia LM 4-1
Wake Forest CH def. Harvard AR 5-0
Northwestern DD def. Emory HH
Berkeley BW def. UMKC CG 4-1
Oklahoma CJ def. Iowa LS
Wayne State FM def. Mo State BM 4-1
Whitman BM def. USC IS

Emory GP got byes

Go KU and OU.

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